Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation (WPEF)

We are a science-based non-profit dedicated to counteracting the decline of whitebark pine and enhancing knowledge about the value of its ecosystems.


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Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation
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WPEF 2017 Accomplishments



Restoration Projects

  • Planted rust resistant whitebark pine seedlings in Glacier National Park
  • Planted rust resistant whitebark pine seeds on the Custer-Gallatin NF
  • In Memory of Bob Means, removed other conifer species from whitebark pine stand
  • Collaborated with US Forest Service Forest Health Protection division on selection of whitebark pine restoration projects that resulted in $300,000 going to on-the-ground projects


  • Conducted a successful science and management conference in Jasper, Alberta
  • Began planning for 2020 Symposium for Five Needle Pines in Missoula, Montana
  • Co-hosted an Incredible National Summit with American Forests and the US Forest Service. This is the formal start to a National Whitebark Pine Restoration Plan. Data discovery for this project was completed in 2017.

Research and Education


Courtesy of Cliff Schwab

Photo courtesy of Cliff Schwab. Taken of Hinkhouse Peak Ridge, Washington Pass in the Northern Cascades.