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We are a science-based non-profit dedicated to counteracting the decline of whitebark pine and enhancing knowledge about the value of its ecosystems.


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Whitebark Pine Friendly Ski Areas

List of Whitebark Pine Friendly Ski Areas (U.S./Canada):

Whitefish Mountain Resort has a long history working with whitebark pine. The current and previous mountain manager have been dedicated to protecting whitebark pine and they have incorporated education in their summit nature center. They have great support from the Flathead National Forest. There are scattered whitebark pine within the resort and along some runs, as well as some areas with high concentrations. They are the first to be certified as a Whitebark Pine Friendly Ski Area in the USA!

Sorcerer Lodge is a backcountry lodge where customers are flown in by helicopter and treated to awesome back country skiing from the lodge. There are loads whitebark pine right outside the lodge as well as all over the skiable areas. Lodge employees educate their guests about whitebark pine and have even named some of their favorite whitebark pine trees. They are the first area to be certified as Whitebark Pine Friendly Ski Area in Canada!

Mt. Bachelor is a huge ski area with over 4,300 acres.  There are whitebark pine galore at mid mountain both at and below treeline. They have excellent interpretative information at the Summit Trail and plans to install more interpretative signs.  The resort works with the U.S. Forest Service to monitor whitebark pine via four permanent plots located across the mountain.

Your favorite ski area could be listed here! Learn more about the Whitebark Pine Friendly Ski Area certification program.