Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation (WPEF)

We are a science-based non-profit dedicated to counteracting the decline of whitebark pine and enhancing knowledge about the value of its ecosystems.


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Explore Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation’s accomplishments, including restoration projects, conferences, research and education, our ongoing efforts, and our completed projects.

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National Whitebark Pine Restoration Plan

In summer 2016, the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation (WPEF) in partnership with American Forests approached the U.S. Forest Service with a bold idea:  We proposed developing a collaborative inter-agency strategic rangewide restoration plan for whitebark pine.  Although Keane et al. (2012) had previously published a general rangewide restoration plan which emphasized methods (RMRS-GTR- 279), we would take the concept to the next logical level—the development of a geographic plan that focused on prioritized areas (“core areas”) for restoration.

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Student Grant Program

Each year, the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation awards a $1000 grant to a graduate student to help with field and lab work on their research project. If you are a graduate student interested in high elevation five needle pines and need a little extra cash to finish your project, please submit a proposal for possible funding by the WPEF. Proposals are due by February 1.

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Ski Area Certification

One of the many things the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation (WPEF) is doing is educating people on the importance of whitebark pine to the high elevation ecosystems, and the threats to whitebark pine existence. What better place to do this than where many people experience whitebark pine – on a ski hill. The WPEF has created a certification program to encourage ski areas to conserve and restore whitebark pine. The Whitebark Pine Friendly Ski Area (WPFSA) certification program was launched in 2016.

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One Project at a Time WBP Project Database

The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation teams up with federal and state agencies and tribes to restore whitebark pine. Each year, the Forest Service funds $100,000 of whitebark pine restoration and research projects. The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation documents these projects on the One Project at a Time database.

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Explore how we have advanced the education and research of whitebark pines and their ecosystems.

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