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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

We are constantly astonished by the many artists, creatives and businesses who lend their many talents to raise awareness of and financially support the conservation of whitebark pine and high-elevation forests. This year’s Holiday Gift Guide features a collection of individuals and organizations who have supported the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation over the last year. We hope you enjoy this year’s edition. Warmest wishes for the winter holidays!

1. Artisanal Creations

Quinn Lowrey Ceramics

Quinn Lowrey is an impressively talented photographer and artist who has contributed many striking tree portraits and images for WPEF use. As a ceramicist, he often incorporates geology and found wood or petrified wood into the design of textured pieces. He also draws inspiration from his photographs to create pottery pieces like this decorative vase, which is similar to the one donated for this year’s WPEF silent auction. Visit his Etsy shop for a selection of unique tea bowls, whisky tumblers and other textured ceramic pieces. Also check out this Q&A with Quinn to learn more about the inspiration he draws from ancient trees of alpine landscapes.

Picture of a vase with mountainous landscape

Handmade ceramic decorative vase with unique, hand-painted trees and mountain landscape (QLCeramics)

Tree Ring Works

Dendrochronologists Danny Stahle and Nickolas Kichas of Tree Ring Works specialize in the design of unique woodcraft pieces with emotional and historical aesthetics, such as customized genealogy or meaningful dates printed onto physical (or digital canvas) wood pieces, tables and wall hangings. Featured here is an artisan side table crafted from a whitebark pine tree that is beautifully sanded and finished to reveal 230 years of growth. It fetched the highest bid during this year’s WPEF silent auction. Email Tree Ring Works with any inquiries.

Two-stemmed trunk of a whitebark pine as a table top with metal legs

Artisan side table crafted from a dead and downed whitebark pine tree (Tree Ring Works)

Crater Lake Prints from Bonsai Mirai

Mirai’s Crater Lake Study is the first collection in a series of limited-edition, fine photography prints inspired by their study of native landscapes, environments and the legacy of the trees that they seek to preserve through the art of bonsai. This set of prints tells the story of Crater Lake through the lens of whitebark pine ecology in four parts: The Lake, Cronartium ribicola, Mother Tree and Volcanic Remains. A portion of the profits from the Crater Lake series will be donated to WPEF. Also watch their original film “Mirai in the Wild: Crater Lake” that documents bonsai professional Ryan Neil’s experience in translating the aesthetics of nature into the art of bonsai.

Set of four pictures showing whitebark pine trees in different settings at Crater Lake

Limited Edition Crater Lake Prints (Bonsai Mirai)


2. Outdoor Gear

Headwaters Podcast Merchandise

The cover art for Season Two of the Glacier National Park’s Headwaters podcast featured a limited-edition, woodblock print “Whitebark Pine: Wind Poem” by Claire Emery. You can proudly wear your love for whitebark pine by purchasing merchandise with her woodprint design from the Glacier National Park Conservancy website. The artist also has custom print products available, such as the sets of bird notecards donated for the silent auction at the annual conference.

Hoodie sweatshirt with custom woodblock print design of a whitebark pine tree

Headwaters podcast hoodie (Glacier National Park Conservancy)

Whitebark Pine Buff by Stio

You can never go wrong with outdoor gear from Stio with their classic whitebark pine cone logo. Featured here is a Whitebark Pine Print Buff that comes in two patterns and will keep you toasty warm on your winter adventures. We appreciate the support of Stio over the years in donating items for the annual silent auction. If you’re looking for other outdoor gear, we also recommend several retailers who have been supporters of whitebark pine conservation and outreach. Sitka Gear has funded several whitebark pine projects at Montana State University through their Ecosystem Grants, while Patagonia Outlet Dillon hosted the community program during the 2022 WPEF annual conference.

buff cloth with a whitebark pine tree printed design

Whitebark Pine Print Buff (Stio)


3. Holiday Spirits

Whitebark Pine Bitters

Bohemian Spirits has created a new piney concoction that will surely spice up your holiday spirits this year. Working with the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada, they used empty cone scales after seed extraction to distill and create these whitebark pine bitters. Your old-fashioned will get a modern makeover! One dollar of each bottle purchased is donated to the WPEFC. Shipping is only available in Canada.

Small glass bottle with brown liquid and label

Whitebark pine bitters (Bohemian Spirits)

Limberlost Brewing Company

If you’d like to support a local craft brewery, be sure to check out the Limberlost Brewing Company in Thompson Falls, Montana. As shown in this gift basket donated for the WPEF silent auction, they have a variety of beer-lover merch, including growlers, pint glasses and more. A wide selection of beers are available for purchase and cans are now available.

Basket with merchandise from Limberlost Brewing Company

Beer-lover merch (Limberlost Brewing Company)

4. Field Guides

Backcountry Press Books

WPEF Board Member Michael Kauffmann is co-owner of Backcountry Press and has published an array of books, including guidebooks on where to explore and identify conifers in western North America. His newest book “The Klamath Mountains: A Natural History” celebrates the area’s natural history with chapters on the flora and fauna, first peoples, geology, fire ecology and more. There are also a number of free educational resources available on the Backcountry Press website.

Picture of two field guide books

Conifer Country & Conifers of the Pacific Slope (Backcountry Press)

Northwest Know-How: Trees

Emily Poole is a freelance illustrator who uses artwork to spread interest in conservation. We first learned of her work through “Steward of the Pines”, which creatively portrays the ecological niche of Clark’s nutcracker and was featured at the National Museum of Wildlife Art earlier this year. Emily also is the illustrator of “Northwest Know-How: Trees”, a pocket-sized guidebook with hand-sketched identification keys for over 50 tree species, including whitebark pine. The book is available as part of the Arboreal Gift Pack for sale on her website. Be sure to check out her other beautiful works inspired by nature.

Gift pack with greeting card, stickers and Northwest Know-How: Trees book

Arboreal gift pack with Northwest Know-How: Trees (Emily Poole)

5. Support WPEF

Amazon Smile

There are several ways to support the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation during your winter holiday shopping this year. Shop using Amazon Smile and 0.5% of all purchases will be donated to the WPEF. Select Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation as your charity at Amazon.smile.com or tap “AmazonSmile” on the mobile shopping app.

Amazon Smile Logo

Shop using Amazon Smile to donate 0.5% of purchases

Gift Membership

For the conservationist in your life, consider gifting them a membership to the WPEF. Membership dues at any level are considered tax-deductible donations and directly fund whitebark pine research, education and restoration. You can gift a membership easily by completing the online membership form on our website.

Screenshot of WPEF membership web page

Gift memberships to WPEF are available online