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2017 Whitebark Science and Management Conference in Jasper, AB

2017 WPEF Science and Management meeting in Jasper, Alberta                           Review Accommodation Information Here...

2017 Student Research Grant Awarded

The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation’s 2017 student research grant has been awarded to Kiah Allen, who is entering a MSc program at University of...

NUTCRACKER NOTES Issue 31 available now

Member Only Access to most recent publication. Go to MEMBERS page HERE. Featured article is about recent advances in Limber Pine research by Anna...

WPEF Recent Accomplishments

What Has the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation Accomplished? The following items highlight the ongoing work of the WPEF, and some of the major projects...

LIVE: Restoring Whitebark Pine – One Project at a Time

A partnership between the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation (WPEF) and US Forest Service Forest Health Protection (FHP) to provide information on completed or on-going...

Climate Change and Whitebark Pine: A compelling reason for restoration

NEW PAPER by Robert Keane, et al:  Climate Change and Whitebark Pine: Compelling reasons for restoration There is confusion in the research and management...


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The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation is a 501(c)3 science-based non-profit devoted to the preservation of whitebark pine and other western high elevation five-needle white pine ecosystems. We aim to prevent and reverse the decline of these ecosystems through:  Education, Research & Development, and Restoration & Management… collaboration with Organizations, Government Institutions, Individual Communities, and YOU!

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