Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation (WPEF)

We are a science-based non-profit dedicated to counteracting the decline of whitebark pine and enhancing knowledge about the value of its ecosystems.


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Register Now for 5-Needle Pine Webinar in Dec 2021

Longtime WPEF board member Michael Murray and new board member Michael Kauffmann are part of a team offering a two part webinar in December titled: Magnificent 5-Needle Pines – Ecology and Natural History. This webinar is offered for a small fee through the Backcountry Press and half of the proceeds will be donated to the Foundation.

According to the Backcountry Press web site, “This 2-part webinar will explore the natural history of six closely related conifers of western North America. We will start with a brief overview of conifers including evolutionary, natural and cultural history. We will follow this by diving into pines generally and then the 5-needle pines of the West including stories of the gigantic sugar pine, the iconic western white pine, the ancient limber pine, the world’s oldest living thing, the bristlecone pine and its close relative the foxtail pine, and high elevation whitebark pine. We will wrap up the series with a conservation discussion for all 5-needle pines of Western North America.”

This promises to be an educational and entertaining webinar that you don’t want to miss! To sign up use the link: https://backcountrypress.com/product/magnificent-five-needle-pines/