National WBP Restoration Plan – Rangewide Layers

All GIS layers are raster with 1 km pixel resolution. Spatial extent is for US only unless otherwise specified


Name: Viability

Format: Geotiff


Contact: Nicholas Crookston, USFS

Description: Model predictions for viability of WBP for current conditions and future conditions under 3 global climate models (CGCM3, GFDLLCM21, HADCM3), 4 emission scenarios (A1B, A2, B1, B2), and years 2030, 2060, 2090; includes Canada. Note, layer for HADCM3, B2, year 2090 not available.

Units: Species Viability Scores, 0-1

Download Links:

viability current

CGCM3 A1B 2030

CGCM3 A1B 2060

CGCM3 A1B 2090

CGCM3 B1 2030

CGCM3 B1 2060

CGCM3 B1 2090

CGCM3 A2 2030

CGCM3 A2 2060

CGCM3 A2 2090

GFDLLCM21 A2 2030

GFDLLCM21 A2 2060

GFDLLCM21 A2 2090

GFDLLCM21 B1 2030

GFDLLCM21 B1 2060

GFDLLCM21 B1 2090

HADCM3 A2 2030

HADCM3 A2 2060

HADCM3 A2 2090


HADCM3 B2 2030

HADCM3 B2 2060

HADCM3 B2 2090 -not available