Student Research Grants

The mission of the WPEF is to “promote the conservation of whitebark pine and other high elevation five needle white pine ecosystems through education, restoration, management, and research.” In support of this mission, the WPEF offers an annual research grant of $1000 to either an undergraduate student who is writing a thesis or graduate student (MS or PhD) conducting research on whitebark pine.

See what the funds have supported in the project reports below.

2012 – Signe Lierfallom – Evaluating the effects of seed source mortality on whitebark pine regeneration dynamics after stand-replacing fire

2013 – Zolton Bair – Identification of blister rust resistance genes on whitebark pine to facilitate breeding and restoration

Nutcracker Notes Project Report by Zolton Bair

2014 – none

2015 – Colin Maher – Does whitebark pine have a refuge from mountain pine beetle at treeline?

2016 –  Maeghan Rochner – Past, present, and future climate change and forest dynamics in a high-elevation whitebark pine ecosystem in Wyoming