National WBP Restoration Plan – Rangewide Layers

All GIS layers are raster with 1 km pixel resolution. Spatial extent is for US only unless otherwise specified


Name: Refugia

Format: Geotiff

Source: Mahalovich et al. 2017

Contact: Mary F. Mahalovich USFS

Description: Model predictions for WBP genetic refugia for current conditions (1981-2020 climate normal period) based on the representative concentration pathways (RCP) 4.5 and RCP 8.5 to capture the lower and upper bounds of uncertainty, respectively; and for mid-century (2011-2040) under RCP 8.5 to represent upper bound. No refugia predicted for mid-century lower bound RCP 8.5 scenario; hence, no grid layer included.

Units: Presence (1) of WBP

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