NWPRP Data Call 2A

THis page will be fully populated by october 1, 2018 with information pertaining to the following topics:

  • Rationale for restoration plan
  • Core area definition
  • Selection criteria for core area polygons: core area attributes
  • Size and format for core area selections
  • Principles of conservation biology: Resiliency, representation, and redundancy
  • Application of the Three Rs to Core Area Selection


The two phases of Data Call 2 and the requested information for each:


  1. GIS shapefile of each nominated area polygon.
  2. Whitebark pine health status for each nominated polygon.
  3. Criteria used for each polygon nomination.

Target deadline for submission:  May, 2019



  1. Proposed restoration action(s) for each nominated polygon.
  2. Estimated implementation costs by area polygon.
  3. Monitoring and adaptive management sub-strategy for different restoration actions.

Target deadline for submission:  December, 2019