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Read the latest news and science publications about whitebark pine and other high elevation five needle pines.  We have also included the latest news about important issues in whitebark pine research and management from the Director of the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation.  If you want to know the most up-to-date information on high elevation pines, peruse these pages.

From the Director

These are the “Director’s Message” articles that are published twice yearly in the WPEF newsletter Nutcracker Notes.  They cover important issues in whitebark pine science and management and also report on various activities of the WPEF.  If you want to know what the WPEF is doing for you, please read these Messages.


Here are important links to the most recent articles about whitebark pine in the media.  If you want to know what newspapers and other websites are saying about whitebark pine, read the articles here.

Scientific publications

Even though whitebark pine and other high elevation pines are not well studied, there are a number of peer-reviewed articles that are published in scientific journals every month.  Links to these articles are presented on this web page.


Story maps are a great way to convey complex research in an interesting, easy to understand, and visually-appealing format. Take an interactive journey through some of the latest whitebark pine research through the links provided here.