2016 Science & Management Meeting Presentations


Anderson-Whitebark Pine Ecosystems- Keystone Upper Subalpine Forest

Asebrook– Successes and Challenges of Whitebark Pine Restoration in Glacier NP

Buotte– Future Climate Suitability for Beetle Outbreaks in the Crown of the Continent Whitebark Pine

Cansler– Effects of Fire in Whitebark Pine Communities of the Alpine-Treeline Ecotone

Cripps– Inoculation of Whitebark Pine Seedlings with Native Ectomycorrhizal Fungi

Everett– Whitebark Pine on the Flathead Indian Reservation: Re-evaluating the Resource for the 21st Century

Keane– Restoring Whitebark Forests in the Crown of the Continent Under Climate Change

Mahalovich– Geologic and Genetic Implications of Restoring Whitebark Pine Under Climate Change: Suitable Substrate, Blister Rust Resistance and Drought Tolerance

Maher– The Ecological Effects of Thinning Treatments to Restore Whitebark Pine

Moody– Is BC the Black Sheep of Whitebark Pine?

Murray– Rapidly Emerging Trends in Southeast British Columbia

Nelson– The Crown of the Continent High-Five Working Group

Nicholas– Species Status Assessment (SSA) for Whitebark Pine

Sissons– Five-needle Pine Conservation in the Rocky Mountain National Parks of Canada

Schaming– Key Considerations for Managing the Clark’s Nutcracker- Whitebark Pine Mutualism

Shepard– Change in Blister Rust Infection in Whitebark and Limber Pine in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Six– Adaptation to Climate Change: Embracing Natural Selection and Genetics in Whitebark Pine Conservation

Tomback– Functional Role of Whitebark Pine at Treeline Across its Rocky Mountain Range

Tomback1– Whitebark Pine in Peril: Why We Care and What We Can Do

Treadwell– A 20-Year Reassessment of the Health and Status of Whitebark Pine Forests in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, Montana, USA