welcomeAnnual Science & Management Conference

Each year, WPEF sponsors a one-day conference to showcase the latest research and management activities in high elevation pine restoration, especially whitebark pine. WPEF’s annual gatherings are an opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of all high elevation pines. These conferences have traditionally been the third week in September since 2001. One major objective for this conference is to strengthen ties between managers, scientists, academics, and the public. These conferences are often organized by local hosts that have asked to conduct this event in their area.


THIS YEAR’S CONFERENCE: September 20-22, 2017 in Jasper, Alberta

WPEF’s 16th annual workshop will showcase:

  • The latest news, science, and management tips for practitioners, students, educators, the public, and others with an interest in dwindling five-needled pines.
  • Exceptional on-the-ground learning experience by visiting high-elevation forests with interpretation by experts.
  • Opportunities for improving cross-border networks.

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