Robert Mangold- Portland, Oregon

I am retired from the US Forest Service after 30 years. My last job was as PNW Research Station Director in Portland, OR, where I was the line officer for 350 employees, managing a $50 million/year budget. For 12 years I was Director of Forest Health Protection in the National Office. In that capacity I started the first gene conservation seed collections for nine 5-needle pine species, focusing on whitebark pine. I initiated national assessments of the status of 5-needle pines and used the resulting report to work with Congress to establish funding for protecting those species. In the past, I was the geneticist at the Dorena Tree Improvement Center, which screens whitebark pine and other species for resistance to blister rust. I have managed large industrial tree seed orchards and have established provenance and progeny trials across the US. As chairman of the North American Forest Commission Committee on Insects and Diseases, I led the development of North American efforts on forest health and invasive species at the federal level across Canada, Mexico and the US. I am committed to protecting whitebark pine and other 5-needle pines by serving on the WPEF and doing what I can with others to ensure these species remain in the ecosystem.

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