Mike Giesey- Troy, Montana

I always wanted to be a forester. I began my USFS career in 1980 as a volunteer on the Kootenai NF in Libby, MT. This was followed by many years of seasonal work for the USFS, and a  degree in Forest Resource Management in 1984 from West Virginia University.  I worked a short time in the private forest products industry in Montana and Florida, until I got a full time position in 1989 on the Clearwater NF in Pierce, ID. I transferred back to the Kootenai NF in 1993 and retired in 2016 as the Kootenai Forest Silviculturist. In addition to my duties as a silviculturist, I became a certified tree climber in 2003, an instructor in 2004, and the USFS Region 1 Tree Climbing technical advisor in 2014. I have always been intrigued by whitebark pine, and volunteer my time to promote this species and do what I can to assure its presence into the future. As a tree climber and silviculturist I have designed vegetation management projects to promote whitebark pine: caged and collected cones, scion, aeciospores, and pollen. As part of my job I kept records and coordinated all whitebark pine work on the Kootenai NF. I enjoy working with the other board members to continue the good work of the WPEF.