Michael Murray- Nelson, BC

I have completed whitebark pine research projects in four states and a province.  As Terrestrial Ecologist (NPS), I initiated Crater Lake National Park’s renowned whitebark pine conservation program in 2003.  I have also worked in whitebark science and conservation for The Nature Conservancy of Oregon (Plant Ecologist). My Ph.D. was earned in whitebark pine fire ecology and stand health of the Continental Divide near Salmon, ID and Wisdom, MT.  As Forest Pathologist (Kootenay-Boundary Region of British Columbia Forest Service), I coordinate disease resistance screening and long-term ecological monitoring for BC Crown land (in addition to working on other host species and pathogens). I’m learning to play pedal steel guitar and hosting a weekly radio show, ‘Flashback 70s’ heard at www.cjly.org.

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