Kathy Tonnessen- Missoula, Montana

I am an affiliate faculty member with the College of Forestry and Conservation at the University of Montana, Missoula and a National Park Service Scientist Emeritus. I received an M.S. and Ph.D. in ecology from the University of California, Berkeley, working in Sierra Nevada watersheds. I was a staff scientist with the State of California, where I served as project manager for investigations of water quality, hydrology, aquatic biota, vegetation, soils, and air quality at high elevations. In 1991 I began work with the National Park Service, where I served as a senior scientist until retirement in 2014. My work with the NPS involved cooperative efforts to protect park ecosystems throughout western North America. As the leader of the Rocky Mountain Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit at the University of Montana, I coordinated research, education and technical assistance for the Rocky Mountain parks, through partnerships with federal and state agencies and a consortium of Universities and non-profit research groups. I have been a member of the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation for about 10 years, and have attended a number of the technical meetings. I was also a co-sponsor of the High Five symposium, held in Missoula, Montana. As the NPS research coordinator, and as a member of the technical committees of the NPS Inventory and Monitoring program, I sponsored and mentored graduate and undergraduate students who have worked on an array of research topics in the Rocky Mountains, including whitebark pine issues.

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