2013 Presentations

pine by B Steed

Barker Lake Tree Thinning – A Brennick

Can Restoration Work-D Rein

Change in Blister Rust Infection Over Time-B Shepherd

Distribution Models Under Future Possible Climates-A Hansen

Does Natural Regeneration Stand a Chance-J Schwandt

Early Survival of Seedlings in Waterton-C Cripps

Effective Regeneration through Direct Seeding- C DeMastus

Field Testing for Blister Rust Resistance-C Cartwright

Genetic Considerations in Restoration-M Mahalovich

HI 5 Database-Successor to WLIS-B Lockman

Implementing GYCC’s Strategy Based on Climate Science-A Hansen

Implications for Restoration and Climate Change-E Pansing

Insect Pests-B Steed

Mapping Mortality and Restoration in SW Montana -L Vance

Monitoring Health and Status in the GYE-E Shanahan

Monitoring Restoration-Lessons from the SW Crown-C Nelson

Pine Beetle and Blister Rust in Alberta Wilderness-W Macfarlane

Planting in USFS Northern Region-G Scott

Protecting Our Western Forests-J Westerhold

Protection and Restoration Efforts in the GYA – Buer

Relating Climate to Cone Production-P Farnes

Restoration in the Canadian Kootenays – M Murray

Restoration in the GYE-E Davy

Restoration Mapping in the Flathead-I Housman

Restoration on the Flathead-M Jenkins

Restoration-You have to crack some eggs to make an omelet-S Shelly

Seed Source Impacts on Regeneration Post Fire-S Leirfallom

Whitebark Pine and Grizzly Bears-D Mattson

Whitebark Pine as a Tree Island Initiator-D Tomback

Whitebark Pine in Fire Education-J Smith